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I just visited today and can't wait to go back! Northern Illinois really needed a place like this and now it has it!

When I first walked in I was amazed to see how clean and organized everything was. The staff was friendly too and for me that's a plus. The lanes are new as well. They have 5 booths, so the experience is a lot more comfortable because you aren't surrounded by tons of people all the time.
They also have a full stock of ammunition, weapons, shooting gear and hardware. I decided to purchase 9mm shells there and was surprised that the price was so competitive. When they say you don't have to bring your own ammo in, you really don't have too as they have great prices. The hours are perfect for those who decide to shoot when they get off of work.

All in all, I will be back for sure. Also, they regularly offer Utah CCW classes. Seems to be a four hour class and afterwards you are able to carry in 33 states ... of course the state of IL is behind on this like everything else. Stop by and see what I mean though, it's a great place!