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Alex Gutt
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Alex was born into a family of shooters.  His grandfather hunted regularly, shot clays, steel, and other types of targets on his property in Northern Illinois.  Alex’s grandfather shared his love of shooting with his children and grandchildren. The importance of safety, accuracy, and having fun while shooting were all ingrained at an early age.  Alex’s love of shooting flourished.
Alex’s grandfather introduced his dad and several uncles to the USPSA when he invited them to join him to shoot at Pine Tree Club in Rockford Illinois.  His father became a regular on Thursday nights and Sunday matches.  In 2007 Alex’s mom encouraged him to join the family at Pine Tree.  His shooting family quickly expanded to include the shooters of Pine Tree.  Their acceptance and mentorship proved invaluable for this young shooter.  Alex and his father spent an untold number of hours talking about shooting, practicing, and attending matches.  Always striving to be a better shooter, Alex took instruction from various ranked shooters including his USPSA Master Class father and World Champions.  His love of the sport, being teachable, and practice, quickly paid off as Alex reached Grand Master Class at the age of 17.
Pine Tree Pistol Club increased their support for Alex by becoming his first official sponsor.  Having match fees paid for enabled Alex to enter more major matches.  But due to the fact that Alex lives in the wonderful state of Illinois, he was not able to transport his handguns until he was 21.  Family and Pine Tree Pistol Club members stepped up big to help him reach many of the matches he wanted to complete in.  Fellow Pine Tree Pistol Club member Kenny Polhamus (owner of KAP Guns) eventually offered Alex a position at the gun shop and took over Alex’s sponsorship for future events.  The position was ideal for a young shooter; providing increased education on firearms, increased opportunities to share the shooting sports with others, access to a range for practice, and extra income.  Alex really finds money important as he likes to eat and have a place to sleep ;)
Alex is now working towards attending and winning more USPSA area matches and becoming a National Champion.  In addition he will continue to share his love and knowledge of the sport with others including his girlfriend who will soon be shooting matches alongside Alex.
Alex is also ranked #2 in the entire world according to
Major Match Wins
  • 2012 & 2013 Indiana Sectional High Overall Production
  • 2012,2013, & 2014 Ohio Sectional High Overall Production
  • 2012 & 2013 Wisconsin Sectional High Overall Production
  • 2012 & 2013 Indiana SS/Pro/Rev High Overall Production
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014 Pine Tree WIIT High Overall Production
  • 2014 Area 5 Production Champion
  • 2014 Indiana Sectional Production Champion
  • 2014 Handgun Nationals Production 4th place