Gun Cleaning

We offer gun cleaning. We have an awesome ultrasonic cleaner filled up with Seal 1. The process of cleaning and treating a gun with Seal 1 is a pretty time consuming process.

We will field strip the firearm and clean any gunk that has built up and go through the process of  running it through the ultasonic cleaner at 130 degrees, cleaning, cooling, and repeat. We do this process 2 or 3 times to let the Seal 1 permeate  into the pores of the metal. By using this process, it allows you the customer to take your gun to the range for a day of shooting and when you are done you simply wipe off the debris left behind from shooting. Depending on how much you shoot this one cleaning may last you several years without having to go through the whole process of cleaning a gun as you know it.

We do offer Seal 1 for sale in the store for you to keep up with the process after the initial cleaning.

This method of treating the guns negates the need for oil as the oil is the Seal 1 that is stored in the pores of the metal and when it heats up tends to sweat out thus lubing the gun with every shot fired.

It takes about 3 hours for the ultrasonic cleaner to get to temp so we will probably only do cleanings 1 or 2 days a week.

Gun Cleaning pricing:

Handguns   $50
Long Guns  $75

Optics removal is required and will be an extra charge if we have to do it.

Some gun finishes cannot be subjected to the ultrasonic cleaner, those will be heated with a heat gun and get the same cleaning but it takes longer so additional charges apply.