Defensive Pistol [01]

Defensive Pistol 01

Course Tuition:
  • $125.00

  • Valid Concealed Carry Permit

What to bring to class:
  • 400 Rounds of Factory New Ammunition [No Reloads]
  • Dummy/Inert Rounds [Minimum 4]
  • Concealed Carry Holster
  • Concealed Carry Pistol
  • At least two additional magazines or speed loaders

Jeff Petty has over 14 years of Law Enforcement experience. While a police officer, besides the patrol division, he served on the department's Tactical Response Team as Team Leader. He was also a Certified Sniper for the Team and was essential in the Team's Firearms training and Hand-to-Hand Arrest and Defensive Tactics. Jeff is a Certified Firearms Instructor in Pistol, Shotgun, Tactical/Patrol Rifle (i.e. AR-15), and Taser ECW. He is also a Control Tactics, Knife Defense, PPCT, and Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor. In addition to being a department Firearms Instructor, he was also responsible in developing and implementing the department's Hand-to-Hand Control Tactics, and Taser ECW training. Jeff has a Criminal Justice Degree and extensive training in several martial arts disciplines.

Joel Wheeler is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 30 years experience. He is a Certified Firearms Instructor in Pistol, Shotgun, Tactical/Patrol Rifle (i.e. AR-15), Sub-gun, Less Lethal Impact Devices, and Law Enforcement Precision Rifle (i.e. Sniper). As a police officer he served in the capacity of Patrol Officer, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, and Administrative Sergeant. During his career he served on the Tactical Response Team as Point Man, Team Leader, and then as Team Commander. Joel has a Liberal Arts Degree, Police Science Degree, Criminal Justice Administration Degree, and graduate work in Criminal Justice Administration. He is also a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy.


NOTE:  This course of instruction is required for any additional Defensive Pistol training.

This 4-hour course is held on the range at KAP Guns. 

[Due to the amount of individual shooting, Defensive Pistol training classes are limited to a maximum of 6 students. This limits the "down-time" students will encounter.]

This course is designed for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder to improve gun handling skills.  Students will learn Proper Holster Use; Firearm Grip; Drawing the Firearm from your Conceal Carry Holster; Sight & Picture Alignment; Follow Through; Identifying and Addressing Malfunctions; Positional Shooting; Identifying and Using Cover & Concealment; and Basic Emergency, Non-Dominate Hand Use.

Students are required to bring 400 rounds of ammunition, at least 4 Dummy/Inert rounds, their Concealed Carry Holster, and their pistol, with at least two additional magazines for semi-automatic, or two speed loaders for revolvers.