Competitive Shooting 2

Course Tuition
  • $75

What To Bring To Class
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Firearm
  • Minimum 300 rounds of proper ammunition for your firearm
  • Belt & Holster (preferably Outside the waistband)
  • Mag pouches for at least 2 magazines, 4 would be better
  • 4-6 magazines
  • Proper clothing for going in the range  (Sneakers, Clothes condusive to athletics, Weather appropriate clothing)
  • Intro to Competitive Shooting Class

  • Alex Gutt-USPSA Grand Master, 2014 USPSA Area 5 Production Winner, Ohio Sectional Production Winner 3 years in a row, He wins a lot of Plaques and has been shooting competitively for 9 years. Alex is ranked #7 in the world according to
  • Kenny Polhamus-Mediocre B class Open shooter with only 1 plaque to his name. Has been shooting competitively for 5 years

Class Description:

2.5-3 hours long. This is the second part of a 3 part series of classes designed to introduce the shooter to competitive shooting. This class consists of classroom and range time. This class will be mostly spent on the range running different drills to improve speed and accuracy. The shooter will be drawing from a holster, shooting, preforming magazine changes, and scoring targets.