KAP Guns Range Rules

  1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    • Downrange
  2. Only uncase and case your firearm within the stall.
    • Don’t walk back & forth from the counter to your stall with an uncased firearm.
  3. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
  4. Keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it.
  5. Always use hearing and eye protection suitable for an indoor range.
  6. No tracer, armor piercing, or shotgun ammo allowed.
  7. Make sure the target placement is appropriate to make all rounds go into the rubber burm backstop.
  8. Here, You are responsible for your own actions
  9. Nobody is allowed downrange for any reason.
    • Past the shooting stalls
  10. Report any negligent/accidental discharges to a KAP Guns representative immediately
  11. No food or drinks in the range
  12. Clean up after yourself. Any brass behind the firing line please sweep in front of the shooting points.
  13. Be safe and have fun